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Thinking of Selling Your Home?

By completing the form above, we will provide you with a personalized home value report at no obligation to you! This report is not computer generated.

Many websites provide an automated report that misses specific details that directly impact the analysis of your home. The important takeaway is that they are just not that reliable.

We can help you with this process and improve the sellability of your home. Ask us about our marketing program!

Gainesville Home Value

How Do I Find the Value of My Home?

To provide you with the most comprehensive report, we prefer to walk the property and tour your home. We will take note of your upgrades, improvements, and anything that may prevent you from getting the best price for your home.

If this is not an option for you, we can still prepare the evaluation and email for further discussion. You will receive this and necessary feedback to assist you in making an informed decision on price. Pricing the home appropriately the first time will maximize the potential for a quicker sale. Let our knowledge and experience work for you!

Let our Expertise Work for You

We are committed to providing you with the highest level of service.  Real estate transactions can be very complicated and not always easy to navigate. With our dedicated customer service, attention to detail, negotiating skills and superior digital marketing plan, we get your home sold!

Marketing that Moves You

Get the best price in the shortest amount of time with our marketing plan. Since 98% of buyers start their search online, this is where we focus our efforts.  We advertise your home through a traditional and digital marketing strategy. 


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What Factors Determine Price?

Your home value is significant, and it represents a quality of life. You may wonder what that means and how it relates to pricing your home. Lifestyle plays in the demand, scarcity, and desirability of your property and affects the price. Other factors include the location, real estate market and condition.

Why Location Matters

Buyers look for property that fulfills their wants and needs. It usually centers around how they live, where they work and nearby amenities. Shopping, restaurants activities both indoors and out are all considered. 

The neighborhood is one of the most significant influences on the desirability and a home's value.

Communities offer a certain appeal, whether it is aesthetics, amenities, schools or location. Homes that are close to shopping and easy access to major highways, tend to sell quicker.

Gainesville Home Value
Find out what your home is worth

The Real Estate Market is a Guide

Gainesville FL Property
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The real estate market and economy mirror each other. When the economy is booming, typically the housing market is too.

People often refer to a buyer's or seller's market, meaning who does the market favor. Analyzing economic activity and housing statistics assists with determining which market it is.

The number of properties for sale in the area can impact the value of your home. Even if your home is in a desirable location, with premium features and upgrades.

When interest rates and available homes are low, the demand increases. Since buyer affordability increases, the houses generally sell for more.

It makes it more favorable for the seller. Buyer's competing against each other may end up submitting multiple bids. They usually end up offering more than they wanted to. Local home values rise and encourage homeowners to sell.

In a buyer's market, there are more houses than people looking. It generally gives buyers more room to negotiate. Seller's will compete stronger against one another to get their home sold.

We help sellers determine the best price for their home by performing a market analysis. Comparable properties often referred to as "comps," sold in your area impact home value.

We take a snapshot of recent sales with similar size, location, and features of your home. We then analyze those details and prepare a report breaking down the information for you. When evaluating the data we look at the age, condition, location, size, and appeal of the home. It is essential we visit the property in person to view for a more accurate assessment. Online evaluations are not always accurate or precise for this reason.

Age and Condition of the Home

The majority of buyers want a well-maintained home in good condition. Having it in tip-top shape helps you get a higher sales price. Deferred maintenance can quicken the deterioration and will impact the value.

Your home could be over improved for the area if it has too many upgrades. It is a misconception that having the most and best options will increase your sales price. Recent sales in the area are used to determine your home's worth.

Age is, of course, a factor, but newer homes do not always appraise at a higher value. An older home can be worth more especially if it is in a desirable location. Well-maintained historic or mid-century homes in desirable locations will get top dollar.

Gainesville FL Rental Properties

Curb Appeal

Gainesville Home Value
Homes for sale in Gainesville fl

When you drive through a neighborhood, what catches your eye? A landscaped property with eye pleasing colors and features that pop! A home for sale that stands out will attract more buyers than a similar home without recent updates.  Higher interest increases the chances of a quick offer if the inside is as presentable. Buyer agents provide comparable sales data to their clients. They will review this information with their agent before preparing an offer.

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What Others Say

Secure Investments Realty Client Testimonials


There are certain qualities that a homeownermight look for in the management company they choose

– Professionalism,Integrity, Honesty and Trust – and I feel your company excels in all these qualities. When my mother moved in with me due to health decline, I was moved into the position of care giver.

These past months have been extremely difficult for me and through it all, you worked with me and showed compassion….you stepped up and made a commitment to go above and beyond.

I highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a company that possesses these qualities.

Thank you!

Michele Sarlay, Daughter/POA

Dorothy Meier



On a personal note, I want to tell you how very much I appreciate your professional management, expertise and empathy for my situation during this time. I am more than happy to be placed on your list of clients who would recommend you and your company with the highest regard. It has been a pleasure, and I thank you most sincerely.

Mary Monaco



I wanted to let you know how pleased I have been, from day one with you’re excellent service. Never one worry, as all has been taken care of by you ladies, and the fabulous communication between us. I am happy to recommend your rental services to anyone.”

Jules Gollner

White Apron Catering, Inc. 

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