Broker’s Corner with Tanya Chappell November 2022

Happy Thanksgiving!! At this writing, it's just a few days before Thanksgiving with mild temperatures of the mid-'70s and low rain chances expected to last all week. There will be no nice fluffy sweaters and cozy boots this Thanksgiving. Maybe we'll get to break them out for Christmas.

I do love the downtime that the holidays bring to our work environment. Not a lot of people like to move during the holidays, so we tend to get a little time to relax and spend with our family and work on less pressing tasks. I find it's a great time to get a head start on end-year accounting preparations and new-year marketing plans.

In our feature article this month we went over what is happening in the real estate market so I'm not going to focus much time on that in this writing. The article did a very good job of breaking down what we might expect for 2023 when it comes to real estate sales.

The article is geared towards the sales market but what it doesn't cover in any detail is the rental market. Other than to point out that the money you’re paying on rent is never going to add wealth like owning a home will. I definitely believe and subscribe to that model. But an option that the article does not cover is one our company specializes in. "Rental Homes and property Management"

We are entering a market that is perfect for homeowners to ease their financial burden by renting their property until the market supports the value their home deserves. We are already getting referrals from fellow realtor friends that have homes listed for sale that are not getting the activity they need to sell at the value the home should bring in a more stable market so those owners are interested in renting for now.

We offer wonderful solutions for these owners. From "Tenant Placement" service where we handle marketing the property, screening the tenants, collecting the first month's rent and the security deposit, and moving the tenant in; then turning the property over to the owner for them to self-manage.

Our "Full-Service" management includes everything that tenant placement offers but also includes monthly rent collection, coordination, and supervision of maintenance, property inspections every five months with a video sent to the owner (or more frequent if they desire) monthly cash flow statement with copies of all work orders and paid invoices attached and the remaining rent proceeds wired to their bank account.

"Vacancy Management" services for those owners that do not want to rent their property out and also do not want to sell the property but need someone to look after it.

The rental option allows the property to be well taken care of producing income to cover the expenses and preserving the property until the time the market will support the value the home deserves.

The link below goes into detail about each of these programs including screening tenants, marketing, copies of contracts, and fees. Mention this article and receive the first two months of management free! There's also a link to our reviews that show the level of professionalism and care we provide to our clients and their properties.

I am also an investor and have my own portfolio of properties that I hold as long-term rentals. I know firsthand how stressful it can be to rent your home that you have loved and cared for, for many years. When you can get past the emotional side and see the financial benefits, it makes incredibly good sense. It's all about having the right people that you can trust to take care of the property for you. Sorry for the sales pitch, I just think it is helpful in this kind of market to remember that you have options. 

Last weekend we had our second annual camping trip at Ginnie Springs. I'd like to say the weather was beautiful, but it wasn't. It was cold and rainy. Each morning we woke to rain lasting until about 10 AM. But being the smart campers we are, we were sure to prepare camp before bed so the next morning we were able to start our fire and have a good, hot breakfast and coffee and watch the rain clear out. We camped at Dogwood Springs where there is a volleyball court, pavilions with electricity and water, and bathrooms close by. It's a perfect location for us because we love to play volleyball!! We welcomed the cloudy cooler weather. I'm pretty sure I could play volleyball all day in that kind of weather without getting overheated and exhausted.

The kids love the location because of the spring is right in front of our tents and are lit at night allowing them to swim and watch the turtles and fish day and night. Of course, as parents, we love that they're in sight and fully entertained!

Tent camping is a lot of work. I tend to like a very comfortable camp site so I bring tiki torches, rugs, and hay to spread on the ground so we're not walking in mud. Coffee pot, roast, cowboy caviar -you get the picture- it's a comfortable situation. It does take a lot of work loading and unloading and then packing up and leaving- more unloading- washing bedding, etc. when I came home Sunday after unloading the car, I crashed in the recliner for three hours. And I am a person that never takes naps. But the time spent relaxing with friends and family make memories that are well worth it! We look forward to doing it again next year.

I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday and recall reasons to be grateful and spread love. 

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