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Tenant Frequently Asked Questions | Property Management Gainesville FL area

How long does it take for my application to be approved?

Processing an application normally takes between 1-3 days. Due to unforeseen circumstances, some applications may take longer. You will be contacted immediately upon determination of approval or denial. You will have 48 hours to complete all lease requirements for the property for which the application is submitted.

If I fill out an application, does my spouse or roommate need to fill out another one?

We need a separate application for every occupant over 18 years-old. The application fee for each application covers the background, eviction, and credit check of only one individual. We cannot let any applicant move into the property without a check being completed.

What is your pet policy?

Most of our properties allow non-aggressive breed animals for a monthly non-refundable $30 pet fee per pet. Aggressive breeds not allowed include: German Shepherds, Dobermans, Pit Bulls, Chows, or Rotweillers. Properties may also be subject to additional Homeowner Association rules and regulations for pets.
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What if my license or income verification won’t attach to my application?

You can send attachments to [email protected]

If I am married, do my spouse and I both need to make three times the rental amount?

If you are married, you can pool you income collectively to qualify. As a couple, your monthly income together must be three times the monthly rent. If you have roommates that are unrelated, you each must qualify separately to be approved.

What happens if I don’t meet the income requirements?

If you do not meet the income requirements, some properties will allow you to have a co-signor. A cosignor would fill out a separate application and need to make five times the monthly rent. The co-signor would pay your rent if you were not able. They would sign this Co-Signor Agreement.

If I live out of town, can I submit an application without seeing the property?

We recommend that all applicants view the interior of the property before signing a lease. You may send another realtor, a friend or family member to view the property on your behalf if you are unable to tour it. Keep in mind the lease is binding if you decide you don’t like the property.

Why do I have to maintain renters insurance and provide proof before moving in?

Renters insurance covers your personal property as well as the time you are displaced from your property in the event of fire, flood, water damage from bursting pipes, or any other disaster that may cause damage to not only the property you are renting but your personal property. The landlords policy does not cover your damages and does not pay for somewhere to stay while the property is being restored. 

How long can I hold a property before starting the lease and paying rent?

Once your application is approved, we cannot hold the property for more than two weeks. The lease start date must be set two weeks from the date your application is approved. You will also have 48 hours to sign the lease and turn in your deposit to secure the property or we will move to the next set of applicants. You don’t have to move in but you will have to start paying rent.

If I give you a deposit before another applicant, can I secure the property?

We take applications on a first come, first serve basis. We process the first complete set of applicants before moving on to those next in line. You must be approved before a deposit can be given.
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Risa Sternbild


"We had the pleasure of renting from these ladies for a total of about four years. Renting a home can sometimes be a stressful process. We all know there are plenty of landlords out there who are not at all attentive to tenant needs and concerns.

Well let me tell you, that is never the case when renting from Tanya and Laura! I was continuously astounded by the amount of professionalism and genuine care that these ladies provided. They always responded in a very timely and friendly manner to any questions or concerns.

Also, they make things very convenient by providing an online portal for tenants to pay their rent, request for any maintenance, and so on without any hassle! If you ever have the opportunity to rent or work with these ladies don't hesitate!

They are the best!

Well we just received the keys back and the house is in as good if not better shape than when it was rented! They found great tenants, as we didn't want students, and made sure the property was well taken care of for the entire time."

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