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Tanya Chappell | Brokers Corner October 2021

Hi all!   It’s a beautiful clear brisk 60-degree morning with lots of colors on the trees and One of the most beautiful times to be on the river. The boat traffic is minimal this time of year with mainly just locals. The river was flooded through most of the summer but now it’s at a normal lower […]

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Tanya Chappell | Brokers Corner September 2021

Goodbye summer hello fall! We are now officially into fall and the leaves are starting to drop! Maybe the weather will change soon and it will stop raining long enough for this river to go down and mosquitoes to start dying off. I don’t know when the last time is that we’ve  had such a […]

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Tanya Chappell | Brokers Corner August 2021

Happy hurricane season everyone!! Looks like this year‘s hurricane season is off to a busy start.    We’ve already had two tropical storms come through but thankfully we were spared the deluge of rain that came out of Fred. Thank God!! If we had the direct hit from Fred our already swollen and flooded Suwannee River would have […]

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Tanya Chappell | Brokers Corner July 2021

Hola!!! Will somebody please pull the plug and drain this swamp? It has been one hot, muggy, rainy month for the record books.  The way it’s been going lately you would think all the rumors about living in Florida are true. That we’re surrounded by a bunch of swamplands with alligators and snakes! When you walk […]

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June 2021 Brokers Corner |with Tanya Chappell

Goodbye June and hello July!!! Bam!!! Wow, that came and went so fast. Maybe that’s because this awesome business of real estate that we are in is keeping us hopping!!   ​ It’s quite exciting to be a part of all this Real Estate activity from all sides. From helping our tenants and Investors Buy, sell and […]

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